Friday, October 16, 2009

“First Quarter Outside Reading Book Review”

“First Quarter Outside Reading Book Review”

Thirteen Reasons Why by: Jay Asher Penguin Group. 2007. Genre: Realistic Fiction

The book Thirteen Reasons Why is a story about a girl named Hannah Baker and a boy named Clay Jensen. Hannah committed suicide two weeks before Clay received a package of cassettes from Hannah. In those tapes, Hannah has recorded reasons why she decided to end her life. In those tapes, there are also the people that caused it too. Hannah clearly stated that if you receive the tapes then it has to do something to do with you. Clay Jensen is freaking out because he always thought that he loved her. She was his first crush. They really only talked once! How could he be a reason that caused her death? Clay spends his whole day listening to these tapes and finds out the truth about everybody that knows. There really isn’t an antagonist, but if I had to choose an antagonist, then it would be the truth. The truths and secrets he found out changed his life forever. This book is about high school problems, friendship, betrayal, and how people aren’t really what they seem.

Clay Jensen doesn’t want anything to do with the tapes Hannah Baker made. Hannah is dead, he reasons. Her secrets should be buried with her.” The book jacket reads.

Jay Asher’s writing style is really unique because he lets you see the story through Hannah’s and Clay’s point of view. It is written in first person. The italicized is Hannah telling her story. She describes everything so you can feel as if you were there. You then see and understand the story in Clay’s point of view. When you follow him to all the places he goes, you see his reactions when he sees people or discovers secrets. Jay Asher’s writing style brings you into the story. He makes you feel like Clay if that were to happen to you and makes you feel depressed, the way Hannah was.

This writing style is very unique and it fits me very much.

I hope you’re ready, because I’m about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you’re listening to these tapes, then you’re one of the reasons why. What? No!” (7)

This was the first book of Jay Asher that I’ve read, but his writing style and story has definitely captured me entirely. Thirteen Reasons Why has showed me to value life no matter what happens. It helped me know that not everyone is what they seem and friends mean a lot when you need help. Hannah didn’t have that kind of protection, that’s why she decided to end her life. This book has definitely made me grow stronger, cherish my life more, and know that everything in life should be appreciated. Plus, it helped me learn that if I open up and help someone, then I could be possibly turning their life around.


  1. 1. The reviewer, overall, enjoyed the book. She liked the writing style and description of Clay after certain moments.
    2. The reviewer noticed that certain things, like how intricately the author retold Hannah's life. She says that it brings you further into the story through the descriptions.
    3. The reader did pick a very interesting passage, in my opinion. I think she did because it showed how outraged Clay was after listening to the tapes.
    4. I might actually consider reading this book. It sounded interesting yet eerie, which I think is a very good combination, especially with the description.
    III. The format gave me a very good flavor of the book. It did give me sufficient information about the book, and i don't think it should be altered in any way.

  2. 1) It seems as if you really enjoyed the book. I can tell by the words you chose to describe your book.

    2)You did a good job in describing the writing style. I liked how you described when Hannah is telling the story.

    3)Anna did pick a very interesting passage. I think she did because it described how angry Clay was after listening to the tapes.

    4) I would consider reading this book. I am into fiction and I thinl the way the author writes is interesting.

    V) yes I thiink this format does give me a good flavor of the book. It is well organized. It is also very descriptive. I don't think anything should be changed.